Derawan Island

How important is tourism for Indonesia?

Whenever the topic of tourism in Indonesia is touched upon, most people will instantly think of Bali. This small but famous island harbors all sorts of entertainment that will appeal to various segments of international tourism: beautiful landscapes, Balinese Hinduism, lively nightclubs, beaches and more. But apart from Bali  and despite the fact that Indonesia has much to offer on other islands. The country has disappointed in attracting a large amount of foreign tourists so far. Tourism in Indonesia is an important component of the Indonesian economy as well as a significant source of foreign exchange revenues. With a vast archipelago of more than 17.000 islands, the second longest shoreline in the world, 300 different ethnic groups and 250 distinct languages, and tropical climate throughout the year, nature and culture are two major components of Indonesian tourism. 

Here its the another potential for tourism in Indonesia. Do you know East Kalimantan? There has much island that is Derawan Island, Sanglaki Island, Maratua Island and etc. 

So it's picture Derawan Island

Hearing the word Derawan initially not that familiar to Belitong, Lombok, Flores, Weh, and Raja Ampat. But for the explorers of island, Derawan become happening when entered into the list of the world's coolest spot in Media Social such as; Instagram and Google.

Derawan located in  Derawan Island, District of Derawan, Berau district, East Kalimantan. Consisting of several islands including Derawan Island, Kakaban Island, Charitable Maratua Island and several other small islands. Naming is the islands is saidb to come from a family that consist of Derawan (virgin), Charitable (male), Maratua (laws), and Kakaban (brother). Wealth Derawan Island ecosystems was ranked second i the world after Raja Ampat, Papua. That's why Derawan also nicknamed as the 2nd Raja Ampat. Derawan island morphology is flat coastal plain. The beach sand has a slope of about width of 13.5 to 20 meters.

Derawan Island has been nominated to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2005. In the surrounding waters are submarine ( diving ) with a depth of about five meters. There are diverse biota sea, including squid, lobster, fish pipes, octopus, sea horses and ribbon eels.

On the rock at a depth of ten meters, there is a rock known as "Trigger Blue Wall" because of the reef with a length of 18 meters, there is a lot of trigger fish.

Most of people worked as a fisherman. Maybe for the income a fisherman not only work but can tour guide for the tourist. It will be add more revenues.

For those of you who wants to spend the holiday on the Derawan island, no need to worry because in here provided a lot of resorts and accommodation of various types. Rates of each inn and cottages is also different, depens of facilities on offer.
Among tourists, Derawan island often referred to as virgin island with hidden beauty. The island was more often visited by foreign tourists than domestic tourists. Even to foreign tourists who settled on the island until a dozen years, and this time chose to work as a dive master.

What are the difficulties and challenges to get there? 

The shortest distance is plane ride to the East Kalimantan. If through the air, flying from Jakarta to Balikpapan take the travel time 1 hour 15 minutes. The journey can be continued towards the Berau district through the air. The travel time from Sepinggan International Airport to Kalimarau Airport (Berau) for approximately 30 minutes. 
Then, from Berau you have to take the sea route to reach Derawan Island. From Kalimarau Airport, you can rent a car to the port of Tanjung Batu, because at Derawan there is not many public transportation, if you wait the public transportation it will makes spending time. One-way rental prices ranging from Rp 350,000. By road from the airport to Tanjung Batu about two hours.
The second way to get to Berau is boarded towards Tarakan. It's takes approximately 5 hours ( with transit and time zone different). From the airport you can take a ataxi to the port of SDF. From port SDF followed by fast boat to Tanjung Selor. From Tanjung Selor, you can ride the cars travel toward Tanjung Redep. This is another alternative by land and sea to Berau. 
From Tanjung Batu by speedboat to the Island Derawan about 20 minutes. Prices start at Rp 250,000 per vessel for a capacity of three to five people.
Well, Now, you guys came in Derawan Islands. The challenges is so a long journey and The difficulties is we must rent a cars and boat. But it'll be worth it with what will you get in there.


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