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The Place You Must Visit

Today, I want to describe a place at Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. a few month ago, my family and I visited Lombok. Lombok has a lot of a nice view, such as a mountain, a beach, and a lot of waterfall. So, I want to explain about the amazing waterfall I ever visited. It's called "Benang Kelambu". It is situated about 32 km from Mataram or about 1 hour with vehicle. From Mataram, you should go to Narmada City, Sedau, then you should head to east until you find Pancor Dau intersection. Turn to northeast until you find Teratak market intersection and go to the north. Make sure to ask the local people if you feel clueless because there is only one sign to reach the waterfall, or for your safety, you can ask a travel guide to guide you there.
You only need to pay about IDR 5,000 to enter the Benang Kelambu Waterfall location. On the gate, you will be welcomed with plants and peaceful atmosphere. The road is paved, so it is very comfortable and…