My destination....

            Hello, my name Baiq Anisah. I want to tell about the place which I want to visit. My destinastion is Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. I want visit that place because it’s has a beautiful scenery and a traditional culture. For Example, it has a mountain view, a beach view, a rice fields view and etc. My budget to visit Lombok is about 4 million exclude home stay, because in there I have a lot of a family so I don’t need to rent a home stay. And for go around Lombok, I dont need to rent a car to explore Lombok. I have a lot of family and a car of course so when I call them, they will accompany me. When visit Lombok, for weeks is not enough. there must a place forget to visit. My first day I want visit is a Pink Beach. It need 2 hours to arrives that place. I want snorking at a Pink Beach, it spend 250.000 to go around a Pink Beach. A Pink Beach has a two island, there are Gili Temanggu, and Pink Beach 2. After that I want visit a mountain view. It called Taman Wisata Pusuk Sembalun, there is a hill which we can see around Sembalun. For instance, a people settlement. Sembalun is a track to go to a Rinjani Mount, a second highest mountain in Indonesia. Another  place is a rice fields at Pringgasela, I learn about a farming. And then my second day I want to a popular place in the world. It called Gili trawangan, to get there must a cross a sea with a speed boat. It need to 1,5 hours. At there we can swims, snorkling, or just a took a photo. For a traditional culture, there is a culture when a couple married, they must around a village use a dress married. It called "Nyondol". And there is also a typical fabric. It called "Kain Sesek". It made by a woman or a men with a wood for make fabrics. The Procces called "Nyesek". Lombok has a lot of a beautiful kind of culture or a view, maybe Lombok will go Internasional. It still has a traditional view, not much foreign. And Lombok has a food, with a spicy taste. For example, Sate Rembige, Plecing Kangkung, Ayam Taliwang, Sate Pusuk, Beberuk and etc. For the price, there are not expensive with a low price, our stomach will deserve it.


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